11 April 2017


Re-discovered this excellent recording today when a friend and myself browsed through my collection and listened to great music for almost four hours (with a meal in-between).
Also soundwise a superb outing from these two early prime members of the European version of Free Music.
It seems to me that in later years both worked only very infrequently together. We must not forget that the first visit of Kowald to the UK were he met and played with Parker and John Stevens was a kind of initial ignition for the then burgeoning pan-European scene at the end of the 1960s.
Not the only early meeting but arguably a seminal one.

For Correct Silence - I really enjoy your comments and reasoning. Makes IS a better place - Thanks

Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone
Peter Kowald, double bass

1. Introduction (radio host)    00:13
2. Duo Improvisation No. I     26:08
3. Duo Improvisation No. II      09:17
4. Duo Improvisation No. III      10:06

Recorded on December 2, 1979 in Cottbus, East-Germany at an unknown location.


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Many thanks for this - always such a treat to hear more Evan Parker.

Takes me back to the Plough in Stockwell London days with John Stevens


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Loely,thanks Ernst

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Thanks dear Ernst!

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nice share thanks

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Thank you. I find Parker at his most thoughtful and enjoyable in small combo settings. Looking forward to it.

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Two old favorites, on a 1970s recording completely new to me. A thousand thanks!

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