8 April 2017


A. Part One

B. Part Two

William Parker, bass
Dennis "King" Charles, drums
A.R. Penck, piano
Frank Lowe, tenor saxophone
Billy Bang, violin
Jeanne Lee, vocals

Recorded at Fred Hirsch Recording Studio, New York City

LP Rip


Nick said...



francisco santos said...


corvimax said...

bravo Nick, this is one on a list of albums that I want to listen, many thanks

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

correct silence said...

thank you Nick to gives me the chance to discover more music of A R Penck, but my conclusion is that personally I'm really not touched by his music. Even Jeanne Lee that is amazing in most of her recordings is not really shinning on this performance in my opinion. I can suggest to all the people who have listened this lp to compare this version of "going through" with the one recorded few years later on the album of Billy bang "Live at Carlos 1" or on the fantastic live posted some years ago by Kinabalu (?)
Both versions are shorter than this one but the energy is completely different... It is just my opinion.

correct silence said...

forgot to say one positive thing about A R Penck. I like two of his recordings posted by Nick: "Live Konzert Basel" and "Don't Freeze Yourself to Death..." here Jeanne Lee is simply fantastic, the 1F link is still active here:

armando said...

Thanks a lot, Nick!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

JaExp said...

Thank you

correct silence said...

I can say that I regret to have written negative comments about A R Penck. All the TTT posted by Nick or Kinabalu invited me to listen more carefully to his music. Sure he is not an accomplished musician but he have the feeling to create interesting bands and with him, a certain atmosphere is created, it is perhaps in this way that his music can be received.